Why buy a Flatpit?


Why buy a Flatpit?

The Flatpit is the most versatile flat packable fire pit/barbecue in today's market.

Its function was designed to live up to a "leave no trace" ethic while enjoying outdoor experiences in the desert, on the mountain, or at the beach.

First and foremost, it is a fire pit. It has been designed to withstand entire nights of hot bonfires over and over again.

After that comes the flexibility it has to become the only cooking appliance necessary for your explorations into the wilderness.

The skewer system is the easiest method of all to cook up your meats or vegetables with the least amount of clean up after. There is a reason why the popularity of "stick food" resonates world wide.

The grill bars allow for over the fire cooking with your favorite cast iron pan or griddle. Remove the bars to put your dutch oven to work or to cook your steaks directly on the coals, caveman style.

A solid stainless steel cooking grid will survive decades of grilling and exposure to the elements.

The removable shelf option gives you fire side surfaces to put food ready to be cooked or to let rest after. 

Side ports are designed to fit a propane burner attachment for when wood or coal fueled fires are restricted or just not a safe option depending on environmental concerns.

The portability of all of these options in a slim package makes owning a Flatpit practical and keeping one with you wherever you explore, sensible.

The Flatpit is a cooking tool designed with the outdoor chef in mind and the outdoor adventurer in heart.

I wish you good journeys and happy trails with yours.

Colin Mangold