The Flame

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Kit includes-
•Stainless grill grid
•Heavy duty carrying strap with two carabiners (No need for bag!)

The Flatpit is 12" tall, 12" wide and 18.25" long when assembled. It stows away to a size of 12" x 18" and approximately an inch thick. Weight is under 25 lbs.

Before starting a fire outdoors, review Leave No Trace principles and safe extinguishing practices. Always check the land manager's current regulations for information on where to build a fire, appropriate wood to use, potential burn bans and if a fire permit is required in your area.

*Due to the process of creating and transporting steel as well as the process of laser cutting steel, some minor scratches and discoloration are sometimes inevitable.
These blemishes will not hinder the performance of your grill in any way.
Also, due to the nature of carbon steel, these blemishes will soon be indistinguishable after only a few uses due to the darkening of coloration and patina that is inherent to carbon steel.
If some of the metal components have edges that appear sharp, a small file should be used to soften those edges to your own personal preference.
Otherwise, please use the gloves provided for assembly and disassembly.