Propane Fire Kit for Flame

Image of Propane Fire Kit for Flame
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*free grill mat included with purchase!

This kit is designed to be an alternative to wood or coal fueled fires in your Flatpit "Flame" (contact us if you would like one for your "Flare or "Inferno").
It is only to be used in areas where propane fueled fires are not currently restricted due to possible burn bans.

The kit includes a stainless steel 12" H-burner, stainless steel heat plate and a 4ft. long braided stainless steel propane hose with large red control valve and pressure regulator.

The flame from this burner is intended to be bright and hot, unlike the qualities from a propane burner designed to be a small blue flame most commonly used for grilling. Consequently, at least some soot will be a byproduct of a flame meant to simulate flames found in wood fueled fires. Therefore, it is our recommendation that if you choose to cook using this propane option, you do so only with pots, pans, skillets or griddles.

We prefer to use cast iron or carbon steel pans whenever we can.
For grilling, we recommend using a good quality nonstick grill mat intended for the surface of your grill which will not only keep your grill grid clean, ift will also greatly reduce or eliminate any chance of soot from coming into contact with your food.