Expanded Propane Fire Pit and Grill Kit for Flicker

Image of Expanded Propane Fire Pit and Grill Kit for Flicker

This expanded kit will turn your Flatpit "Flicker" into a propane compatible fire pit and grill.
Included on this kit-
13" Cast Iron Griddle
12" Propane Burner
4' Stainless steel braided hose with pressure regulator and METAL control valve. This is not the propane hose in the photo. This is an upgraded hose with a metal control valve rather the the plastic option contained in the basic Propane Fire Pit Kit.
Propane adaptor for added option of using disposable 1 pound propane bottles or standard portable propane tanks.
4 grill mats sized to fit your Flicker grill grid. (*Recommended for use whenever grilling with propane, do not use this propane kit to cook, heat or grill food without also using a grill mat, pots or pans.)
Drill bit and instructions for altering your Flicker by drilling one easy hole. (You will need an electric drill to use the drill bit provided.)
Lava Rock Grate
This grate sits above the burner for lava rock to provide a more aesthetically pleasing bonfire experience.

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