Under Shelf Bars for The Flame

Image of Under Shelf Bars for The Flame

*Include with your purchase of a Flame for free shipping!

1/2 sheet baking pan shown in photo is no longer included due to the excessive expense in shipping costs we choose not pass on to you, the consumer.

The Under Shelves have been designed for multiple reasons to benefit the Flatpit user.

First, the three levels of shelves allow for easy storage of your cooking grid, cast iron griddle and warming pan while they are not in use.

Second, it provides yet another form of cooking, heating or warming your food depending on which of the three levels of shelves suit your needs best.

Because this is a radiant heat source, your cooking can start in this lower area provided just as soon as the coals or wood get lit in the Flatpit above.

We like to use this area for keeping pancakes warm, heating tortillas, making toast, melting cheese or cooking stuffed mushrooms or other appetizers while we wait for our coals to be ready for grilling above.

Kit includes 6 shelf bars that have been made in the USA. *Sheet pan not included.

This accessory is compatible with our latest Flatpit design that has a series of six vertical slots located in the lower handles.

Contact us if you have an older Flatpit without these slots but would like to add the option of Under Shelves to your own Flatpit.